SWG, Inc. is a global leader in wireless gear solutions, offering the best networking, telecommunications, and broadband equipment on the wireless market. From time to time, we highlight our products and product manufacturers for the wireless world to see. This week, we wanted to share some information on one of our newest partners; Ubiquiti Networks.

This American technology company started making wireless waves when it began in 2005. Their main focus is to manufacture wireless data communication products for under-served and emerging enterprises and wireless broadband providers. Ubiquiti thrives on innovation and customer needs, by providing platforms that offer a wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure, video surveillance products, switching and routing solutions, and machine-to-machine communication components.

Their technology platforms such as airMax, airFiber, UniFi, and airVision, focus on an unmatched user experience combined with an industry-leading performance at disruptive cost points. By either visiting our store or their website, you can find products like:

  • Radios
  • Antennas
  • Software
  • Communication protocols
  • Management tools (which are designed to deliver carrier and enterprise broadband solutions)

The product that SWG, Inc. is currently highlighting is the Ubiquiti M5 Loco – World Version. The product information includes indoor/outdoor airMax CPE Featuring a panel antenna and dual-polarity performance, the NanoStation M is ideal for Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) applications requiring high-performance CPE devices with a sleek form factor. Check out the product’s data sheet here.

Ubiquiti is closing the digital divide by building network communication platforms for everyone and everywhere. With more than 10 million devices deployed in more than 180 countries, Ubiquiti is transforming under-networked businesses and communities. Their leading-edge platforms combine innovative wireless technology, disruptive price performance and the support of a global user community to eliminate barriers to broadband connectivity.

For more information about Ubiquiti Networks equipment and solutions, visit SWG, Inc’s online store. Also, stay tuned to all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) or sign up for an email newsletter for available broadband wireless equipment. If you want to know more about our other wireless gear products and solutions and how they can impact your business or enterprise, contact our broadband equipment experts today.