Wireless Equipment Repair Service

Broadband Network Equipment Repair Service

Harsh environments, lightning strikes, these are just some of the challenges that your network equipment experiences. Equipment repairs are inevitable but with the wrong repair center simple repairs can be expensive and take forever costing you both time and money. Say goodbye to those problems with SWG, Inc. We have a full in-house staff of certified and trained engineers ready to help solve any network issues you may be experiencing. We are so good that even some of the major manufacturers turn to SWG for repairs.

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What kind of equipment do we repair?


What can you expect with SWG, Inc.’s repair service:
  • On Staff Engineers – Absolutely No Outsourcing
  • Board level Repairs
  • RF Testing
  • 10 Business Day Turn Around On Repairs
  • You Don’t Pay For Anything We Can’t Fix

SWG Inc. has extensive experience in board level repair and software repair of most RF broadband devices. Our team has the knowledge and experience in the repair of wireless devices to create test procedures that allow for more accurate results. SWG, Inc. uses the latest in repair and troubleshooting equipment allowing us to repair a wide variety of equipment. Each of our testing scenarios is unique to the manufacturer, brand, and frequency of the radio being repaired. Utilizing a combination of RF shielded test enclosures with attenuation, a combination of signal analyzers, and signal generators allow us to get a complete snapshot of the radio being repaired. Every unit is subjected to testing procedures that entail heat, timed burn-in, interference, Ethernet stress, RF stress and a host of other scenarios.

We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and strive to maintain OEM operation and cleanliness. Some common repair mistakes performed by other repair shops include dirty or un-cleaned solder joints, unregulated heat, and misaligned component placement. These factors can result in faster fail times and inconsistent performance. SWG, Inc. uses Only new replacement components which result in lower repair failures and ensures the customer will receive OEM quality performance from the refurbished product.

Check out our Repair Service Guide for a detailed description of our procedures. Also available En Español. Read over our Repair FAQ or contact us today.

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