January 25th, 2022-SWG Inc, a leader in the wireless broadband microwave/telecom industry today announced a strategic distributor partnership with MDS Link.

SWG Inc is excited to offer MDS Link’s MaGiC-SPF™ product line throughout North America. MaGiC-SPF™ is based on MoCA technology and uses the existing coax wiring to deliver high speed bandwidth that is secure and reliable. MaGiC is a cost-effective, easy-to-install module that extends the fiber footprint found in MDUs, single-family homes, hotels/resorts and offices or any building with existing coax.

MaGiC-SFP 2.5™ (Multi-Gigabit Coax Small Form-factor Pluggable) provides up to 2.5Gbps—symmetrical—actual data rates when plugged into an Ethernet network (SFP/SFP+ port).

Applications: MaGiC work in all telco/fiber, cable and satellite environments.

  • Last 100-meter distribution using existing, in-building coax.
  • Wireless AP backhaul in-premise. Supplements in-home Wi-Fi® mesh networks using fail safe, wireline backhaul between devices. Using WAPs with SFP-ports, operators can backhaul the traffic with MaGiC at speeds up to 2.5G in either direction.
  • Hospitality/commercial wireless AP backhaul and powering. Using standalone power injectors, a single SFP/SFP+-based Ethernet switch combined with the MaGiC SFP can provide both data and power to remote APs in hallways, hotel rooms, public spaces, and meeting rooms.
  • Point-to-point (P2P), building-to-building or in-building. Using two media converters with two MaGiC SFP’s to deliver up to 2.5 Gbps over coax in a point-to-point setting.

“We are excited for our new distribution agreement with MDS. Our clients will be able to experience a quality product and the exceptional support we are known for,” said SWG Inc. CEO/Co-Founder, Greg Kopa. “Being able to expand existing telecom infrastructure with MaGiC-SPF™ throughout North America will save our clients substantial capital with MDU (multi dwelling unit) projects and campus settings.”

About SWG Inc.

Founded in 2008, SWG Inc. specializes in the consulting, design, sales, repair and service of wireless broadband/telecom networks, equipment, and accessories. With over a decade of experience and engineering/warehouse facilities located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania SWG, Inc. is the perfect solution for your network needs. For more information about SWG Inc. please visit https://swginc.com.

About MDS Link

MDS Link offers innovative products that help operators and integrators use existing, in-building wiring to distribute bandwidth as the demand for high reliability and high bandwidth continues unabated. With offices located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania MDS Link has a seasoned leadership and advisory team able to bridge the divide for broadband via their innovation and products. For more information about MDS Link please visit https://www.mdslink.com/.