Fiber optic equipment provides data to be transmitted quicker, and in a more reliable fashion.

SWG offers new IN BOX Fiber to the Home Equipment Package for our customers.

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It’s no surprise that making decisions about your network is now more important than ever. Think of the last time your internet was slow, a phone call was disconnected, or your streaming service would not play- how did you feel? Frustrated probably, and we understand that. With a growing number of people using smart devices or equipment which need digital connection, it is important to have a strong network connection.

Choosing what’s best for your electronic network is sometimes a complex journey. SWG understands your need for reliable internet amongst other network challenges. Therefore, we are continuously providing more options and information for our valued customers.

Our blog today touches upon Fiber Optic Equipment and what it is. Most recently, we’re offering in box fiber to our home equipment package and wanted to give our loyal (and potential) customers a more specific idea of what it is, and why it might be a great investment for them.

You’ve probably heard of fiber optic connection and wondered, what is that? Well, you’re not the only one. A survey conducted in 2018 asked a group of people about their internet preferences in relation to where they live, and their daily lifestyle. Fiber optics was categorized with traditional cable wire, and despite having the same goal, many people admitted they weren’t completely sure what it was. Since then, fiber optics has grown and become more of a known service often associated with better speeds and performance. SWG goes into detail about why we now provide in box fiber for our customers, and fiber optics in general.


Understanding today’s economy and our customer’s needs, we mentioned above that SWG is now offering new in box fiber optic equipment that will ensure a fast network and dependable electronic communication. What this means is that there are more ways to stay connected. The high performance aspect of fiber optic equipment also ensures a safer route for your information to be transmitted.

SWG provides many different types of fiber equipment so you can decide on one that best suits your needs. ClearField is one of the many product options we provide, where they take communication of all forms to their customers very seriously. In a recent post from ClearField, “…to anticipate future communication requirements, many co-ops are pushing fiber deeper into their networks, closer to the equipment with which they need to communicate.” We are thrilled to be able to supply products from companies such as ClearField which value how important staying connected is.


Sure, you’ve been reading the word “fiber optics” over and over, and now know that it helps provide data to be transmitted faster, but you may be wondering, how exactly?

According to, traditional cable wires send the electronic signals through copper wires, sending the data to and from the connected digital outlets. This is how the data is transmitted: network, broadband, etc. Historically, this is how telecommunications began and expanded.

Fiber Optics, on the other hand, are a little different. When it comes to connecting transmitters to receivers, it uses light. The LED or lasers reflect back and forth therefore allowing the data to be transmitted faster, with larger quantities of data. Science Direct touches upon how they’re used underwater, in different types of buildings, and the technology behind fiber optic cables.


Like any product, there are multiple opinions on whether or not a product is best. The Fiber Optic Social Network does a deep dive into that very question. To summarize: fiber optics have advanced communication in ways that copper wire cable has not. Fiber Optics are more secure, tying in internet privacy and security. In addition, they’re relatively simple to install and manage, especially in large scale housing complexes or corporate buildings where connection is important.  Lastly, the connection is sound. The way that fiber optic cables transmit the connection ends up with you having a reliable connection to the digital world.

Negatives that the Fiber Optic Social Network touches upon are price: here is where SWG steps in. We are happy to provide new and refurbished fiber optic parts to our customers. From a large scale business corporation or housing complex, to a family everyone’s needs are different. We provide financing, and dedicated staff to help repair and install your equipment.

A second reason that fiber optics might not be the way for you to go is if there are issues in the fiber: a bad connection, or wire that is often used and in need of replacement. Many can argue that this is something which happens to any sort of product used daily. SWG also has a solution to those potential cons: a 6 month warranty on our products.


SWG is stocking thousands of new in box Fiber to the Home Product Line. We have an entire warehouse of Clearfield, 3M, Ericsson Fiber Parts and more.

Not sure if this is a good choice for you? That is where we step in. Please contact us to find out why this may be right for your business or family. Part of our commitment to you is everything comes with our 6 month warranty. Some products we provide are: Clearfield Fiber Delivery Point, Cassette’s, Fiber Optic cable Splice Cassettes, Single Mode Riser Cable, Multimode Riser Cables, and SFP.

You may already have a fiber optic network too, and need some assistance. SWG is there for you. We have an online portal where you can check on the status of a repair you may sent to us. We know that communication is important in all facets of the telecom industry, so we do our best to service our customers through their endeavours with us.

Whether your search for dependable broadband starts with us or not, we are here to help you.

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