Ceragon Repair Service

Ceragon Equipment Repair Service

Harsh environments, lightning strikes, these are just some of the challenges that your network equipment experiences. Equipment repairs are inevitable but with the wrong repair center simple repairs can be expensive and take forever costing you both time and money. Say goodbye to those problems with SWG, Inc. We have a full in-house staff of certified and trained engineers ready to help solve any network issues you may be experiencing. We are so good that even some of the major manufacturers turn to SWG for repairs.

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Ceragon Repair Services & Pricing
  • Ceragon IP-10G IDU – $599 Per Unit
  • Ceragon IP-10G ODU – $599 Per Unit
  • Ceragon IP-10C ODU – $599 Per Unit
  • Ceragon IP-20S ODU – $999 Per Unit
  • Ceragon IP-20C ODU – $1599 Per Unit

Need repairs on a Ceragon product? We are ready to assist you.

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