Wireless Network Installation Integration Service

SWG, Inc. has network installation and integration technicians located across the world that are highly qualified in installation, test and turn-up of various types of wireless and fiber network equipment. Years of experience serving the wireless broadband world and top-level certifications have demonstrated SWG, Inc.’s commitment to quality and service. Wireless data backhaul is the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry and SWG, Inc. will be there to help you with your wireless equipment, integration and fiber needs. SWG, Inc. technicians are trained in central office deployments, power systems, data centers, access technologies and wireless/wired infrastructure.

Need a quote on equipment/repair or have a question for the SWG Team? We are ready to assist you.

Whether the network is wired or wireless, private, licensed or unlicensed we have a solution for you. No matter if you are a school, college, municipality, or enterprise business network, our team can help with the infrastructure, service, path coordinates and resolve any frequency and license issues. Our engineering team will conduct a site survey to determine any possible interference and will complete the FCC license filing.

In today’s environment there are many different types of network and data equipment available. SWG has hands-on experience that helps with every unique situation. Our team will help your organization evaluate the proper type of equipment for your specific needs. We will work with your organization to make sure you understand what you are purchasing and why.

SWG, Inc. is also available to help your company acquire all the necessary network equipment. Our team will identify equipment that is the right fit for your organization and what will be the most effective for your application.

Network Deployment can be a daunting task. In many cases, there will be down time and unforeseen issues that need to be rectified. Having worked with many companies in the past we have developed a team approach that helps eliminate any issues that may have an impact on your company’s operation. Our team will work with your organization to ensure a seamless transition to your new Network.

Wired or wireless network integration, you can count on our team. Please feel free to contact us for any further information or to discuss your project.

What we can do for you

  • Project Management – Engage single point of contact for all aspects of the project, interface with all required parties, assist the client in determining project requirements such as scope and schedule.
  • Staging & Integration – Coordinate acquisition of required hardware, manage inventory, kit and integrate as required, custom configurations.

  • Logistics Management – Provide just in time delivery to each location to minimize impact to the business.

  • Site Survey – Conduct coverage survey to determine: equipment location, mounting requirements, connectivity requirements, environment (available space, access issues).

  • Cabling Infrastructure – Installation of all required: power and data cabling.

  • Equipment Installation – Installation of backhaul radios, antennas, switches, access points, etc.

  • Test and Turn-up – Work closely with the client to confirm required connectivity and operability.

  • Maintenance – Provide post installation maintenance of hardware and cabling: reactive services, preventative maintenance, SLA, parts depot.

Our Customers

  • Enterprise & Industrial – Looking to connect offices, remote locations/job sites, buildings? Looking to connect your business to the internet? SWG, Inc. has years of experience installing wireless equipment for enterprises around the world.

  • WISPs – Are you a new WISP looking for a helping hand installing equipment or are you an existing WISP but don’t have your own in-house team of installers? SWG, Inc. is widely respected in the WISP world for the equipment and services we provide to that market. Let us help you install your equipment and train your team!

  • Education – Technology and education go right in hand and connectivity are now a major demand for students and educators. Choose SWG, Inc. to connect your campus!

  • Private Residences – Need to connect buildings on your property? SWG, Inc. is at your service. Our techs will get you the connectivity that you need.

  • Government & Military – Connectivity is vital on the battlefield and in the halls of government. SWG, Inc. has strong experience in integrating and installing wireless and wired networks for local, state and national governments as well as military forces around the world.