As a leader in wireless gear solutions, SWG, Inc. offers the best networking, telecommunications, and broadband equipment on the market. In this latest article, we plan on highlighting one of our top manufacturers and their impact on the wireless world; Telrad Networks.

Telrad’s vision is to be the wireless gear industry’s most far-reaching provider of LTE telecom solutions in the sub-6 GHz market with products that match their exceptional level of expertise. They are determined to helping SWG, Inc. customers with versatile TD-LTE solutions.

As one of our top telecom solution providers, Telrad is currently focused on designing products that are designed to enable broadband connectivity to clients across the globe. With a dual-mode product line that extends the life of wireless networks, their products are designed to deliver extended coverage and high data performance for any type of fixed broadband deployment scenarios.

Whether your company or enterprise is looking for an upgrade or is satisfied with your current wireless solution provider; you still need to learn about how the benefits of using and purchasing our Telrad LTE telecom solutions can boost your network capacity (even if it’s alleviating your expenses):

  • Avoid a heavy up-front investment by paying as you go
  • Products have a lower CAPEX investment, giving it a longer lifespan and more reliable and efficient connectivity
  • Products are meant for fixed broadband deployments, which means higher performance with less radio interference
  • Receive carrier-grade equipment with fewer failures
  • Layer 2/3 support
  • As new products and solutions are introduced, you can update your equipment through a software-only upgrade. No new purchases!

Telrad’s legacy of taking LTE technology into the future has spanned for nearly six decades. Every time the wireless broadband world decides to evolve, our telecom solutions provider has been one step ahead of the exploding demand for new high-bandwidth applications and services.

We have Telrad equipment that spans the gamut from base stations to network management software and integration services to core network solutions. Here are some of their top products:

  • BreezeCOMPACT 1000: Telrad’s flagship RAN product and revolutionary software defined radio 4G base station
  • BreezeWAY: a unique LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) portfolio designed to fit networks that provide 4G broadband services
  • BreezeVIEW: Telrad’s network management suite – a carrier-class set of tools – that supports the entire broadband lifecycle

For more Telrad Networks equipment and solutions, visit our online store. If you’re interested in more information about our other wireless gear products and solutions for your business or enterprise, contact SWG, Inc. today. Our wireless broadband solution experts are ready to assist customers with their needs.