Top 5 Reasons Why Fixed Microwave is Better than Fiber Optic Cable

Posted on June 12th, 2015 in Technology

As businesses increasingly turn to the cloud for business operations, business owners are finding that fixed microwave meet their needs for increased bandwidth with improved reliability and performance when compared to traditional fiber optic cable.

If you are among those that think fiber is the gold standard in broadband technology, you might just want to think again. Microwave technology is quickly becoming more popular than fiber as businesses are learning about its many advantages. In the highly competitive business landscape of the 21st century, speed and internet quality are directly linked to efficiency, productivity and most importantly, revenue. Because we are seeing an increasing number of business operations happen on the cloud, increased bandwidth is not only desired, it is necessary. Business owners are discovering that fixed wireless is a direct replacement to fiber-based services because it meets their bandwidth needs not only with higher reliability but also with better performance.

Here are five reasons that microwave fixed wireless trumps fiber in meeting the needs of businesses:

  • Lower Latency: More hops in optical networks inevitably lead to more processing latency and noise. A fiber network encompassing an entire city has to traverse more points than a microwave network to arrive at the final point. The reduced number of hops in microwave networks lowers end-to-end latency. Even a gain of a couple of milliseconds can add up to a sizable advantage for businesses and deliver a better internet experience with lower latency when compared to fiber optic networks.
  • Improved Reliability: When your business operations depend upon connectivity to the internet, as many do today, the reliability of your broadband connection is critical. One of the main downfalls of fiber networks is that the cable runs underground, this leaves the network vulnerable to disruption due to damage caused by work being done on the street or the building. Go to any major city, or a small one for that matter, and notice the amount of street work being done and ask yourself if you would want your network cable in the path of some of those heavy pieces of machinery.  In comparison, a microwave fixed wireless connection is a point-to-point connection that meets or exceeds the reliability of fiber optic networks. Not only will you have the reliability your business needs for internet connectivity but also the peace of mind knowing there is no fiber that that could be severed.
  • Microwave Fixed Wireless is as Fast as Fiber Networks: Most businesses are looking to subscribe to an Internet connection in the 20Mbps to 500Mbps range. Microwave fixed wireless can easily achieve these speeds with higher reliability than fiber optic networks.
  • Installation Time and Costs: Having leased lines or new fiber equipment installed can be a time-consuming venture. Alternatively, microwave links can be installed within four to five days in comparison to the many weeks needed for fiber lines.  Some businesses don’t mind waiting weeks while a solution can be in place in mere days with microwave but there is one area that they will mind and that is cost. Setting up a single PTP link can cost only a few thousand dollars with a minimum of labor while setting up a fiber network can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars with increased labor and machinery costs needed to trench and lay the cable. In terms of time and costs, fixed microwave is the winner hands down!
  • Dependability: Fiber and leased lines are not infallible. Businesses typically turn to fixed wireless Internet solutions after losing their fiber data connections due to a number of reasons. Some also install microwave as a backup to fiber to manage the risk of communication loss and minimize downtime.

With the increasing availability of microwave fixed wireless internet and the lower costs associated with this solution, adoption is expected to only increase in the future. To learn more about how microwave fixed Internet can benefit your business, contact our experts at SWG Inc. We are the global experts in fixed wireless equipment. We carry all the top brands and at prices you will love. Don’t forget we also do repairs and asset recovery!

Posted in Technology

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