Unlock The Power Of LTE: Telrad Is The Key

Posted on November 11th, 2015 in News

A bright future for LTE is vast approaching and most consumers will see a shift in the way data is transmitted in the United States. LTE, a wireless technology widely used by mobile providers like Verizon and T-Mobile, is now being scaled down to fixed wireless platforms to be utilized by broadband providers in order to compete with fixed-line services like DSL, fiber and cable. Broadband has fast become an alternative to fiber and cable lines in areas where wire line connectivity is geographically or economically difficult to build. The one drawback to a wireless broadband connection is the challenge of achieving data speeds that can match that of wire-line connections . . . . . . . . until now.

compact-0783-300×225 Telrad Networks, an Israeli based technology company, has released a point to multipoint system that has broken new ground in the sub 6GHz market. Recently its flagship product, the BreezeCOMPACT base station was given “Product of the Year” at WISPAPALOOZA 2015 and is brining the nations LTE evolution to the next level. The base station is a Wimax/LTE solution that offers outstanding performance particularly in non line-of-sight scenarios and offers software driven upgrades for future proof growth. Using its best-in-class 4TXx4RX radios it achieves superior NLOS performance where previously 900Mhz radios were the only solution. Its all-in-one modem and radio in a single box provides hassle free installation and its software driven upgrades allows the user to expand the network without dispatching techs to reinstall equipment. Most importantly it achieves an astonishing 75-100Mbps from the base station which makes it very competitive in a market where those speeds were only achieved previously by fiber.

With its release, Telrad Networks is confident that the BreezeCOMPACT will also cater to many organizations looking to set up a powerful and secure private network. The performance delivered by Telrad and its utilization of the lightly licensed 3.65Ghz band is catching the eyes of not only the largest WISP companies in the country but are also drawing in interest large energy companies like oil and gas where communications are ever more critical. Given the often remote and geographically unique locations of these networks and minimal tolerance for equipment failure, Telrad is offering the industry leading reliability and security that is needed.

With the growth of LTE across the country and Telrads ability to reach NLOS locations, new markets are going to be reached like never before. In areas of the country that are even now not receiving adequate bandwidth and in some cases no data connection at all because of their geography, Telrad is offering the solution. It offers network managers the ability to reach customers that they were forced to deny service to in the past. It opens the door to any company looking to provide service and stretch connectivity across the country. With a future dominated by LTE vast approaching, Telrad is giving the world a solution that is sure to take the industry to the next level. A world where connectivity is possible just about everywhere.

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