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SWG Inc.'s management team is comprised of industry professionals with an average of twenty years’ experience in Telecommunications, Networking, and Microwave technologies. Their combined skill and knowledge enables SWG Inc to be the world leader in the sale, repair, installation and deployment of new and refurbished networking, telecommunications and broadband equipment. Not only do we have the best of the best in the telecom world but we also have the cream of the crop managing our other business functions ranging from Marketing and Finance to Engineering and Logistics. We recruit talent from across the world so you can rest assured that you have a world class team by your side. SWG Inc is a global company allowing us to serve customers throughout the world from Albania to Zimbabwe. Our diverse team is equally international with team members from the US, Germany and Argentina. Learn more about the SWG Inc management team below:

We recruit talent from across the world so you can rest assured that you have a world class team by your side.

Greg Kopa


Gregory Kopa began his career on a fast paced path and currently has over twenty years’ experience in technology industries. He has designed and implemented telecommunications, wired and wireless, networks from conception to final install. Greg’s extensive experience in engineering, sales, and marketing produced future proof networks resulting in profitable shareholder value. He has held director and management positions for companies such as: Frontier Communications, Alcatel-Lucent, EarthLink, Level 3 Communications, and Primus. Currently he is co-founder and manages operations of SWG Inc., where he has implemented the same level of leadership and expertise resulting in profitable business expansion.

He attended East Stroudsburg University and Johnson College obtaining an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering/Specialize Technology. Gregory also currently holds equipment certifications for many manufacturers.

Jeff Zaykowski


Jeff Zaykowski’s twenty years of telecommunications experience has helped guide him through the ever changing technology market. Jeff has a proven track record of success, having lead companies and sales teams to positive fiscal growth. Jeff has held management positions with various communication companies such as Choice One, Adelphia, Sprint Horizon and Blue Ridge cable. Currently he is co-founder of SWG Inc. and manages the sales division gaining market share with such products as Fiber, Cable Internet, Wireless Internet and Cellular service. Having been one of the first sales persons for Adelphia in the Allentown/Philadelphia markets Jeff was instrumental in introducing competitive phone service and data transport to a new market.

Jeff is a graduate of Westchester University.

Nathan Peterson


Nathan is an integral part of SWG Inc., since 2008. Bringing a wealth of knowledge from a technology background and business degree, he quickly grew sales and business development at a rapid pace. Nathan plays a major role in key account management, product management, marketing techniques, and developing sales standards–all of which shape the direction of sales and other contributions to the organization. With a vast knowledge of current network needs and wireless broadband equipment, he leads clients in their future network migration. Nathan has a strong comprehension of Licensed microwave equipment, FCC Licensing, LTE, & Wimax Architecture, as well as unlicensed wireless point-to-point and wireless point-to-multipoint networking. He is an active member of WISPA and contributes his insight participating on many technology panels.


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