Telrad Company Overview

Telrad Networks has been a pioneer in the telecom industry since 1951. As the technology grew and changed, so has Telrad. The company is the leading provider of LTE telecom solutions in the sub-6 GHz market. With six decades under its belt, Telrad is determined to be the most innovated provider of LTE telecom solutions through its exceptional products and dedicated customer service. The company boasts more than 280 4G deployments in 100 countries.

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Telrad Products

Telrad’s current focus is on LTE products that are designed to enable wireless broadband connectivity to clients all over the world. Their in-house R&D team has developed an extensive dual mode product line that will reliably extend the life of your network. Its line of LTE products is designed to deliver extended coverage and high data throughput for any type of deployment scenario.

There are multiple benefits to purchasing a Telrad LTE product such as:

  • You can pay as you grow, avoiding a heavy up front investment that you may not be able to afford

  • Its products have a lower CAPEX investment, giving it a longer lifespan and a more reliable and efficient connectivity

  • These products are meant for fixed broadband deployments. This means a higher throughput with less radio interference

  • You will receive carrier-grade equipment with fewer failures

  • Layer 2/3 support

  • Don’t worry about purchasing new equipment in the future! As new technology is introduced, you can update your equipment through a software-only upgrade

Its flagship RAN product is the BreezeCOMPACT 1000, a software defined radio 4G base station. Wispapalooza 2015’s “Product of the Year” BreezeCompact is an all-outdoor base station in band 42 and partial band 43 and is comprised of both modem and radio components. This base station is a perfect fit for any organization looking to set up a very powerful and very secure private network. It is both cost and energy efficient and delivers the right connectivity, coverage, and capacity for any outdoor deployment scenario.

BreezeCOMPACT 1000 can be sold with their Ground breaking EPC the BreezeWAY 2020. This device is LTE-in-a-box – an “all-in-one” radio cell design, embedding Evolved Packet Core (EPC) functionality directly into the eNodeB. The BreezeWAY products provide a standards-based, highly scalable core solution with functionalities that give operators control and management of the entire wireless network infrastructure and traffic.

Telrad’s CPEs are simple to install, maintain, and operate. All CPE models support high spectral efficiency, meant to deliver the highest data rates possible. With a more efficient network, users will be able to download and stream all types of content without interruption.

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