Mimosa Company Overview

An award-winning leader in cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless network solutions, Mimosa designs and manufactures outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers across the world. With more and bigger names getting on the fixed wireless train, the company has the leading edge in to deliver next generation devices to the growing demand for a faster and more scalable broadband internet. Its clients range from underserved rural settings to a high-density urban environment, given the same level of excellence from the home subscriber to an enterprise customer to a public entity like a school or hospital.

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Mimosa Products

Mimosa leads the market in massive “Multiple-In Multiple-Out” technology, which improves spectrum efficiency, thanks to the addition of MIMO streams and smart antenna array technologies. Mimosa uses access points to allow the spectrum to be reused by multiple clients all at one time. In addition, the company scales spectrum reuse beyond a single access point, so the benefits can be felt across an entire backhaul network.

Normally, a fixed wireless network uses the entirety of the available multipoint spectrum, causing them to run out of capacity and resources. But Mimosa products synchronizes the clients with the network so there’s no self-interference. Each product uses high-precision GPS to help synchronize the client with the closest access point, maximizing the spectrum capacity as well as improving operation in a heavier noise environment.

Mimosa is the industry leader in gigabit+ unlicensed and licensed backhaul. These products offer an incredible performance at any distance for demanding consumers, businesses, and public safety applications.

Its access points are the first scalable, unlicensed multipoint solution for deploying gigabit+ services in virtually any type of environment – whether it’s deployed in a busy city or a rural countryside.

Mimosa’s G2 Wi-Fi Gateway is a simple wifi system. A big wireless product in a tiny package, its end-to-end network visibility lets you solve support issues before they can even arise.

Each Mimosa device uses the Mimosa Cloud network. This technology streamlines the subscriber experience as well as optimizes the spectrum use throughout the network. This technology keeps tabs on each device as well as the conditions of the network-wide spectrum.

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