About Baicells Wireless Broadband Solutions

Baicells is an international company with the mission to “Connect the Unconnected” and has successfully done so on 5 out of the 7 continents. Founded in 2014, they offer competitive pricing and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR Access Solutions. Baicells wireless broadband equipment paves the way for eco-friendly and cutting-edge technological designs that connect rural, urban, commercial, and unlicensed & licensed LTE to endless growth opportunities.

With their combination of open-cloud, mobile edge computing, and affordable radio access network devices, Baicells disrupts the Information and Communications Technology Industry.

Privately owned and operated, Baicells offers a plug-and-play product design with a low entry cost that allows Wireless Internet Service Providers to connect communities worldwide. With lower latency, improved user management, and interference mitigation, LTE continues to connect and pave the way for a clean evolution to 5G.

Baicell’s Global Impact

Baicells’s innovative solutions are deployed across 50 countries for applications in M2M, IoT, transportation, emergency services, rural connectivity, and deep indoor coverage.

They currently boast over 700 private LTE networks across the world, with a large percentage of those trusted networks operating within North America. To meet the growing demand for increased connectivity, Baicells production is booming with manufacturing plants operating in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, alongside an extensive relationship with global manufacturer Jabil.

SWG, Inc., is equipped with your Baicells’s equipment needs

Partnerships and investors help Baicells work closely with our industry partners to complete their mission and hone in on the next generation of wireless solutions. With their customers at the forefront of what they do, SWG, Inc. is a proud supplier of certified pre-owned and new Baicells wireless broadband equipment.

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