The development of never-ending wireless internet connections has made business accessible throughout the world. Because of that, the demand for WiFi has never been higher.

According to a report from the International Telecommunications Union, the number of Internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015. Small businesses, looking to make their digital fingerprint, might not have the means to afford a top-notch wireless connection; sinking their potential business boom into a bust right from the get-go.

Cheap costs for unreliable and unworthy connections aren’t the only reason small businesses fail with wireless connectivity. As we’ve discussed previously, net neutrality could shelter some of the blame.

Net neutrality is good because it gives us an open and free internet. However, all things internet are now on the same playing field. The connections have to be balanced out, and that will slow down certain connections while speeding up others.

What Can Happen

Whether it is an unreliable wireless company, net neutrality or an alignment of the solar system; bad WiFi can ruin your small business. Here are some negative outcomes of slow wireless connections affecting businesses:

  • Employee morale can be compromised: With an unstable internet connection, employees will not be able to get their work done in a timely manner. This can cause frustration in the workplace. According to a poll conducted by Deloitte of workers in Australia, slow internet was revealed as the number one user frustration.
  • Loss of revenue: A delay in the responsiveness of your small business’s customer relationship management (CRM) system can impact a customer’s experience on your website. If your page is taking too long to load, consumers will go elsewhere costing your business revenue.
  • Company productivity goes down: A slow connection can cause employees to wait around for files to load, emails to send, attachments to download, and much more. According to a study from the memory and storage specialists at Sandisk, the average worker wastes one week per year waiting for their company’s WiFi connection to respond.

These are all problems that affect companies around the world. Just imagine these things happening to a business trying to get off the ground – major consequences!

Wired Connection; Don’t Even Think About It

What if your small business is presented with a cheap opportunity to use internet the old, fashioned way? Through a modem and cables. Don’t even consider it.

Wireless internet is faster. It takes time for a signal to travel through the cable to your modem. At certain points, the signal will slow down. Reliability and latency are also issues when it comes to using a wired connection. Lag issues increase, and your connection can be interrupted more often due to the cables being located underground.

These are issues you won’t get with a fixed wireless broadband connection. Since wireless broadband uses radio waves, the signal is much more reliable. No latency problems here! And with download speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to more than 1 Gbps, your business will have no trouble downloading large files that could take up to an hour on a wired connection. A fast internet means a productive workforce.

How We Can Help

At SWG, Inc., we have a long-standing reputation for providing the best wireless broadband equipment at the best price. We will work with your small business on finding the perfect solution to fit both your needs and your budget. We will make sure your employees don’t run into any of the above mentioned issues that can hurt your day-to-day operations. SWG, Inc. will be with you every step of the way.