TV White Space (TVWS) 470-698MHz 12 dBi Vertical Polarity 65 Degree Sector Antenna



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The KP Performance KP-TWVP65S-12 is a 470 MHz to 698 MHz, Vertically Polarized, 65-degree sector antenna designed for TV White Space (TVWS) applications. The 65 degree beamwidth provides optimized coverage area with improved capability of propagating through dense foliage and obstructions. The KP-TWVP65S-12 features 12 dBi of gain and operates from 470 MHz to 698 MHz.


– 470 MHz to 698 MHz single vertically polarized TVWS sector antenna

– 12 dBi gain, 65 degree beamwidth

– 1x Type N female connectors

– Heavy duty mounting brackets & small footprint

– Built-in GPS Antenna (1x TNC Connector)

– Direct mount for Redline Elipse radios

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