Siklu EtherHaul EH-1200TX-ODU-EXT 700Mbps

EtherHaul-1200TX ODU with antenna ADAPTER and 700Mbps upgradable to 1G 70/80GHz Gigabit Radio
Most deployed millimeter wave radio in the world
Interference free, predictable Gigabit throughput
Carrier grade performance
Gigabit E-Band Radio for Any Application
The EtherHaul-1200 series provides carrier grade Gigabit connectivity with fast ROI for any application. With a unique selection of both FDD and TDD duplexing, and multiple antenna options to cover any distance/availability scenario, the EH-1200 provides a solution to any high-capacity connectivity challenge.

Part #EH-1200TX-ODU-EXT
Weight20 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 20 in

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