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C050045A102A 5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree (FCC) (Copy) Certified

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Access Point – Base Station


Cambium cnMedusa 5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90°  (FCC) – C050045A102A

Cambium Networks is an industry leader in 450 integrated access point platform adds extensive multi-user MIMO capabilities with cnMedusa™ technology.
Cambium’s 5 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point won WISPA 2017 Product of the Year Award.

Product Features:

  • cnMedusa™ technology enhances your sector capacity by utilizing a beamforming antenna array with multiple RF transmitters and receive chains. This effectively multiplies the available capacity by over three times.
  • Throughput:
    • Over 550 Mbps; 20 MHz channel
    • Over 1.2 Gigabit per second; 40 MHz channel
  • Protect your investment with existing Subscriber Modules in the 450 platform equipment. All 450 platform subscribers work with the 450m and cnMedusa technology, including prior generation 430 modules.
  • Decrease interference in both Uplink and Downlink with smart beamforming.
  • SFP Port
    • Allows for greater deployment flexibility
  • AUX port
    • Allows you to connect a camera or other PoE directly.

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