Telrad BreezeCOMPACT GPS Cable 700275

BreezeGPS Outdoor GPS Receiver for Compact Base Station. Pole mounting kit included. Required one Cat5e straight cable for connecting the GPS to the Compact. Alternatively, the PN-723231 can be orderd for this purpose. The same standard Cat5e cable or PN-723231 can be used to chain the GPS signal between Compact units in the same BS site.

GPS chaining feature supports up to 3 Compacts for Compact 1000 and 3000 (Not supported by Compact 2000) with one GPS receiver (meaning BS site structure of up to 4xBreezeCOMPACT/Sectors)

Important Notes:
-For Compact 1000 and 3000 in LTE mode
-In WiMAX mode: Compact1000: Supported from SW ver. / Compact3000: Supported from SW Ver.

Part #700275
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 in

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