Mimosa NID

Outdoor technician access, ESD protection and grounding point. Easy to install technician physical access interface, with surge protection and grounding point, required for C5 installation. NETWORK INTERFACE DEVICE (NID) (100-00039) First Commercially-viable 5G Solution for Residential Areas

With scarce mobile spectrum and price per gigabyte of mobile traffic now exceeding 50-100 times that of broadband, Mimosa’s new 5G Fixed wireless solutions – the urban MicroPoP and rural GigaPoP architectures – will be critical to meet the growing connectivity demand. The Mimosa 5G MicroPoP and GigaPoP solutions are the first commercially-viable 5G solutions for fixing bandwidth demand where it’s needed most – at home.

Part #NID
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 in


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