Mimosa J-Mount

Advanced J3Mount Pole. Our twist on the J3Mount, giving an extra axis of rotationto align the C5 and keep it level to the horizon. J3MOUNT, SINGLE UNIT (100-00043) First Commercially-viable 5G Solution for Residential Areas

With scarce mobile spectrum and price per gigabyte of mobile traffic now exceeding 50-100 times that of broadband, Mimosa’s new 5G Fixed wireless solutions – the urban MicroPoP and rural GigaPoP architectures – will be critical to meet the growing connectivity demand. The Mimosa 5G MicroPoP and GigaPoP solutions are the first commercially-viable 5G solutions for fixing bandwidth demand where it’s needed most – at home.

Part #J-Mount
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions18 × 8 × 8 in


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