Get High Performance, Reliable Construction, and Flexible Delivery Capabilities with RadioWaves.

They are a manufacturer of point-to-point packet microwave systems and equipment. SWG sells RadioWaves equipment that has a wide spectrum of applications: from telecommunications backhaul to WiMAX broadband wireless bands.

Why Choose SWG, Inc.?

Expert Support. Have a troubling problem with the equipment? Our team of qualified engineers is here to help you every step of the way.

Same-Day Shipping. Most retailers ship orders sluggishly. SWG understands that you need your equipment as quickly as possible. When you purchase before 2 pm EST, your order will be shipped the same day.

A Full Product Portfolio. SWG is chock-full of these products to meet your every need. Many of the products we stock aren’t shown on our website. Call us today to learn more on our selection of RadioWaves products.


Contact Us NOW to get your custom quote. We stock MANY more items in our warehouse that are not currently listed on the website.

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