Cambium Point to Point

Cambium Point to Point

SWG, Inc. distributes Cambium Point-to-Point (PTP) fixed wireless broadband links. Cambium is a prominent organization for networking and broadband needs, especially for fast communication for large networks.

Cambium PTP can withstand harsh terrain and provides reliable Internet connection for larger areas and venues, such as hotels, apartment complexes, utility companies, offices, college campuses, Internet providers, and even government and military applications. Cambium PTP also connects rural areas, offering a simple solution for connecting more complex environments.

PTP is an efficient way to link LANs and WANs, securing strong connections for entire businesses. It allows entire buildings to share networks, which creates fast and easy communication throughout your entire network. PTP offers high network speed, with low latency being a key advantage of choosing it over other forms of large networking solutions.

PTP can be useful in disaster recovery. When landline communication is destroyed or damaged in a disaster, PTP can be quickly installed to ensure communication for both rescue workers and victims of disasters alike. Compared to alternative connections like fiber infrastructure, PTP provides a more time and cost-friendly solution to mass networking issues.

Cambium Networks is a highly reputable wireless connection provider and is a top choice for corporate entities and government networks. Their PTP backhaul solutions are proven and dependable, even in the most challenging terrains and situations. With a wide variety of features, Cambium will assist you in creating the most optimal network for whatever your needs may be. When looking for long term results, choose Cambium for secure connection.

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