Robust & Reliable Wireless Backhaul Solutions

SAF Tehnika offers digital point-to-point radios for digital voice and data transmissions. SWG is a trusted provider of SAF Tehnika products for worldwide distribution.

Why Choose SWG, Inc.?

Global Presence. SWG provides equipment sales and repairs to over 150 countries internationally. Our team members are multilingual and can help you find the best solutions for your environment.

Committed Service. At SWG, Inc., our commitment is to fulfill the needs of our customers. As a partner of SAF Tehnika, we offer the very best of their equipment, and if you need installations, repairs, or just information on how to properly integrate their systems for your enterprise, we’re here to help.

Competitive Pricing. Because we offer both new and refurbished SAF Tehnika products, we can comfortably accommodate your budget. We stock many more SAF Tehnika products than we list on our website. Call us today to get a custom quote.

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