Get Highly Optimized, Autonomous Wifi Networks With Alvarion

As a trusted vendor of Alvarion’s extensive product line, we offer the best connection to get the products you need at the best price possible. Perfect to get started building your global communications network. Broadband has transformed how consumers lived and how businesses operate, and Alvarion has been at the forefront of the industry.

Why Choose SWG, Inc.?

Flexible Payments. At SWG, we give you options. With flexible payment and leasing options, no-hassle warranties for used equipment, and a large product line, SWG is the preferred choice to purchase Alvarion products.

Speedy Delivery. While many retailers move sluggishly when it’s time to ship orders, this isn’t the case with our team. When you purchase our products before 2 PM EST, your order will ship out the same day.

Complete Stock. We stock many more products than what we list on our website. To get a full listing of the Alvarion products we offer, call us today.


Contact Us NOW to get your custom quote. We stock MANY more items in our warehouse that are not currently listed on the website.

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