With the holidays quickly approaching, we often think about family, friends, and the overall feeling of togetherness. As one of the leaders in broadband technology services, SWG, Inc. prides themselves on connecting the unconnected. We offer multiple products and services that cater to the needs of residential areas, local businesses, and high-level executive companies across the globe.

Before the advent of the worldwide web, people who were relatively far apart could only talk via long-distance phone calls (which were not always reliable). As the internet evolved over time, so did the ways we could contact other people. For some time, internet users could only send emails to others. Now, we can talk to anyone in the world through a limitless number of devices and applications backed by the internet.

Even the term “internet users” sounds old and dated. The internet runs everything we do. It’s more of a “how fast is your connection” kind of world. From wired and modem-based connections to wireless broadband, the internet is king. That’s where SWG, Inc. excels.

From connecting individuals personally or through business, the internet benefits:

  • Our money through banking and financial transactions. We can buy products, transfer funds, pay bills, and even donate money to charities across the globe.
  • Our daily activities through incorporating smart devices into everyday life. Our home security, cleaning and kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, and even workout equipment are run by your wireless broadband connection.
  • How we communicate with family and friends through smartphones and other smart devices. Let’s put it this way: You can chat with a random stranger through a foreign dating app in another country via a video chat through your television. Why? The internet.
  • Our abundant variety of travel. The internet is responsible for keeping you safe inside your vehicle, keeping your plane in the air, alerting authorities if you’ve been in an accident, and making sure you’re on the right path to your destination.
  • How we work through, well, basically everything. Most jobs nowadays have a digital component to them. The faster your internet connection, the faster you can complete digital tasks for your job.

There are hundreds of benefits that we have not listed, but you should get the idea. The internet, specifically high-speed broadband, brings humanity closer. The faster your life operates, the easier it becomes to connect to others.

The next time someone complains that you stare at your phone and computer too much, don’t get mad. Feel bad for them. They aren’t experiencing the level of human connectivity you are. The internet is how people are aware of others, news, surroundings, the weather, and your life as a whole.

SWG, Inc. is here so you can experience the benefits of human connectivity just a little bit better than everyone else. We offer products and services to boost your broadband speeds to another level. Contact us today.