As the year is coming to a close, the team at SWG, Inc. wanted to pass along their wishes to you and your loved ones. We also wanted to pass along our most sincere thoughts to our customers and manufacturers. Without you, our 2017 would not have been filled with the same success as we currently enjoyed. Words don’t begin to show our appreciation.

Happy New Year! With that being said, we wanted to recap our very successful 2017.

2017 in Review

Whether it was the Wireless Tech Expo in Wilkes-Barre, PA or WISPAPALOOZA in Las Vegas, NV, the team at SWG, Inc. had their chance to impress people and businesses with our variety of wireless gear. We informed event attendees about improving their wireless networks while giving them insight on how to have their broadband network run at full capacity with hands-on training and interactive sessions.

During this past year, we also witnessed the end of net neutrality. On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the rules set forth by the Obama presidency. The end of net neutrality essentially means the ability to access anything you want on the internet is not up to the user anymore. For more of our thoughts on net neutrality as a whole, our team wrote multiple articles on the topic throughout the year:

Aside from being your leading source in all wireless gear needs, SWG, Inc. had revamped our website to give our customers a better user experience in purchasing and learning more about our broadband products.

SWG, Inc. is Your Source for Wireless Gear

We want to thank all of our customers again for being a part of SWG, Inc. in 2017. We look forward to your business in the new year. For new customers; if you need to upgrade your wireless broadband experience, contact SWG, Inc. today.

Happy New Year!