Redline Repair Service

Redline Equipment Repair Service

Redline provides a complete range of powerful, versatile and reliable outdoor wireless broadband systems, but what happens when something goes wrong? Our in-house technicians specialize in Redline equipment repair.

Redline specializes in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications including high capacity backhaul, video surveillance, data acquisition, business access and private networks. The company is the preferred equipment for military, government, hospital, and school deployments nationwide.

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Why Choose Our Redline Repair Service?

  • We do not charge for radios that we cannot repair.
  • 10 Business day turnaround.
  • All products are repaired by our in-house technicians and defaulted to factory specs.
  • Every radio we repair is backed with our no hassle 6 month warranty!

Rush repair services are guaranteed to be completed in under 48 hours from the time the product arrives. The cost is $50 per radio. Contact us today for more information or to discuss rush repair.

Repair Services & Pricing
  • Redline AN50 IDU Repair – $199 Per Unit
  • Redline AN50 ODU Repair – $199 Per Unit
  • Redline AN80i Repair – $299 Per Unit
  • Redline AN100U IDU Repair – $299 Per Unit
  • Redline AN100U ODU Repair – $299 Per Unit
  • Redline AN100UX IDU Repair – $299 Per Unit
  • Redline AN100UX ODU Repair – $299 Per Unit
  • Redline Wimax CPE Repair – $125 per unit

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