Motorola Canopy Repair Service

Motorola Canopy Equipment Repair Service

Motorola Canopy offers top of the line fixed wireless broadband solutions that can fulfill most any wireless need. The fixed point-to-multipoint canopy broadband solutions come with the industry’s leading interference tolerance providing network operators reliability with all their equipment.

In addition to offering Pre-Owned Motorola Canopy Access Points and Pre-Owned Motorola Canopy Subscriber Modules, SWG, Inc. provides repair services for all Motorola Canopy products including subscriber modules, access points, backhauls plus CMM Micro & CMM 4s.

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Why Choose SWG Motorola Canopy PMP Repair Services?

  • We never charge for radios that our technicians cannot repair.
  • Surpluss Wireless Gear repairs have a 10 Business day turnaround.
  • All products are repaired in house and defaulted to factory specs.
  • All radio repairs is include our no hassle 6 month warranty!

Rush repair services are available. The cost is $50 per radio and guaranteed to be completed in under 48 hours from the time of arrival. Contact us today with any questions or to get your damaged or faulty products repaired.

Motorola Canopy Repair Services & Pricing
  • PMP 100 Series SM Repair – $75 per SM
  • PMP 100 Series AP Repair – $199 per AP
  • PMP 100 Series BH20 Repair – $150 per BH20
  • PMP 430 Series SM Repair – $125 per SM
  • PMP 430 Series AP Repair – $299 per AP
  • PMP 320 Series SM Repair – $125 per SM
  • PMP 320 Series AP Repair – $299 per AP
  • PMP 450 Series SM Repair – $125 per SM
  • PMP 450 Series AP Repair – $399 per AP
  • PTP300/400 – $300 per unit
  • PTP500/600 – $350 per unit
  • PTP800 IDU – $499 per unit
  • PTP800 ODU – $499 per unit
  • PTP650 ODU - $499 per unit
  • PTP820 ODU - $799 per unit
  • CMM 3 – $250 per Unit
  • CMM 4 – $399 per Unit
  • PMP SM & AP Connectorization Service – $75 per Radio
  • PMP450 Connectorization Service – $150 per SM

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