You’ve probably seen different abbreviations when connecting to different network connections, such as WAN, WLAN, or some similar grouping of letters. These abbreviations are network connection designs. It’s one of the ways networks are categorized, and it works by how far the network reaches a singular device or multiple devices.

The network connection industry refers to each of these designs as an area network. For example, the “AN” in WAN stands for area network.

Common Types of Connections

The first of two networks we want to talk about is a LAN or local area network. A local area network connects devices over a relatively short distance. This type of connection is usually found in a small office building, home, or school. LANs are usually controlled and managed by a single entity.

A far more reaching connection is known as a WAN or a wide area network. This type of connection connects devices over a large distance and uses more advanced technology than a LAN. A wide area network is usually managed by multiple entities or an organization.

Do you want to know an interesting fact? The internet is the largest wide area network, crossing the globe.

Wireless connectivity and wifi is SWG, Inc.’s specialty. Many homes or small buildings use a WLAN or local area network connected through wireless network technology. This type of connection usually links two or more devices in a small area. WLANs are very popular network connection designs because of their easier installation process and overall use.

Other Types of Connections

While the above network designs are the most common designs, there are other network designs throughout the wireless world. They include:

  • MAN or Metropolitan Area Network – A network that reaches more than a local area network, but not as far as a wide area network.
  • CAN or Campus Area Network – A network spanning multiple local area networks, but smaller than a MAN, such as a college campus.
  • Storage Area Network – A network used to enhance storage devices on multiple servers.
  • System Area Network – A network designed for a high-speed interconnection of clusters.

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