Telrad’s BreezeCOMPACT Receives “Product of the Year Award”

Posted on December 30th, 2015 in News, Telrad

Telrad BreezeCOMPACT 1000

Things are always moving in the wireless broadband world but Telrad certainly seems ahead of the pack. Telrad Networks, a global provider of the TD-LTE broadband solutions available at SWG Inc., announced today that its BreezeCOMPACT base station was awarded the prestigious “Product of the Year Award” from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) at the WISPAPALOOZA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. WISPA is the world’s leading trade group representing wireless internet service providers.

The BreezeCOMPACT is a revolutionary software-defined LTE base station that disrupts the economics of wireless broadband. By offering both outstanding performance and flexibility, this amazing solution from Telrad certainly sets the bar for LTE in fixed networks, and protects the network operator’s investment with a software path to future LTE advancements. The BreezeCOMPACT solution was selected by the members of WISPA for this special recognition.

Highlights of the BreezeCOMPACT from Telrad:

  • Best TCO with outdoor CPEs in rural/suburban deployment or dense urban indoor scenarios
  • Superior NLOS using best-in-class 4TX x 4RX Radio
  • All-in-one modem and radio, in a single box
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) 16e, LTE & LTE-Advanced
  • Carrier aggregation and dual sector
  • “Network-in-a-box” Embedded EPC

By receiving this recognition, Telrad feels that it has validated its recent efforts to meet the requirements of WISPs in North America. The BreezeCOMPACT enables operators to deploy LTE networks in an affordable manner, helping them accelerate their deployments and reach previously unreachable customers. This has become a game changer for many of their business models. The BreezeCOMPACT and the rest of the Telrad portfolio is available for purchase at SWG Inc.

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